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Sleepndeprivation, eating high-sodium foods, and late-night partying can result inntired, puffy eyes and sallow-lookingu00a0skin in the Valentino Shoes On Sale morning. But, not to worry, as I have two quicknand easy tricks that will help alleviate facial and undereye puffiness, leaving you looking fresh and bright.

Try an ice water & witch hazel dunk.</strong> First, fill your bathroom sink with cold water and toss in approximately 15 ice cubes. Next, pour one-third of a cup of natural witch hazel into the water. Be sure to use onenthat is alcohol-free. Dunk your face (yes, dunk; donu2019t just splash) in and out 10 times.u00a0This method will help eliminate puffiness, because the cold temperature reduces inflammation in the face by constricting the blood vessels, which will cause better fluid circulation and the drainage of excess fluid. Additionally, witch hazel has natural anti-inflammatory, puffiness-reducing properties, so it will help calm the skin and add moisture to it, as well. The result is hydrated, refreshed, and less puffy skin.

Go for a cold press. </strong>Anothernoption is to grab anything cold out Valentino Shoes of the refrigerator (ice, bag of frozennpeas, etc.) and apply it to the puffy area for at least 10 minutes. While cucumbersnhave historically been the antidote for puffy undereyes, there actually isnu2019tnanything miraculous about them. Itu2019s the cold temperature that the slices of cucumber give offnthat helps ease the bloat.

Note that the only type of puffiness that can benreduced from cold pressingu00a0is the kind that is not normally there. Unfortunately, therenis no cure for chronic puffiness or undereye bags except for cosmetic surgery. Thereu2019s a simple test you can do to determine if your undereye puffiness is due tou00a0fat (which means it's chronic), or if itu2019s excess of fluid and can respond to my tips. All you have to do is press the skin under your eyes.u00a0If it stays pressed in, then it is fluid. If the skin immediately springs back up, then itu2019s fat.


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"Makeup deception" has been getting a lot of buzz lately. Last month, a man sued his wife just one day after their wedding because he saw her Valentino Shoes Sale makeup-less the morning after the nuptials and got scared (wrong on SO many levels). This "problem" is nothing new. One of comedian Chris Rock's most famous jokes is: "Look at you. You got on makeup. Your face don't look like that. You got a weave. Your hair ain't that long. Everything about you is a lie, and you expect me to tell the truth!" Charming.

This ludicrous idea was so hilarious to illustrator Megan Nicole Dong that she decided to have some fun with it. So she created a photo series highlighting the ridiculousness of men being "deceived" by cosmetics. "I've personally met and known a lot of young men and women who have very negative opinions about makeup and the people who wear it," she says. "A lot of guys I've known have talked openly about their preference for women who were 'totally natural' and made jokes about not wanting to wake up next to a 'different person' in the morning u2014 not realizing that the natural look they like usually involves makeup in some form or another."

In one of her Valentino Shoes illustrations, a guy follows a girl's eyebrows off a cliff. In another, he listens to a pair of eyelashes that tells him to leave his umbrella at home, only to end up in a rainstorm. The message is clear: Quit playing that deception card.  "I decided to make fun of the absurdity of it all the best way I knew how," Dong says. "My ideas [for the comics] come from conversations, observations, and my tendency to fixate on weird details about pretty much everything.Ahead, find some of Dong's illustrations, and then click over to her website to see more of her work